Terms & Conditions


By purchasing through our online store, you by default accept the Terms & Conditions outlined below:

1. Goods are not refundable on any grounds other than authenticity. Goods may be exchanged at the discretion of the seller, but Art Angels does not offer either a "cooling off" period, nor the right to return items within any period of time. Art is a traded commodity which experiences constant price fluctuations. The non-return policy is enforced in order to prevent speculative purchasing and returning based on changing market values.

2. All goods are guaranteed authentic for life. If they are deemed not authentic by either a major auction house (Sotheby's, Christie's or Phillips de Pury), or the studio/estate of the artist, you are entitled to a refund in full. Proof of authenticity or otherwise must be provided in writing from at least one of the sources previously listed.

4. Goods will be shipped in mint condition as stipulated by the artist.

5. Our delivery dates are approximate and cannot be guaranteed. Processing times will vary depending on the goods purchased. Please allow 2-4 weeks to receive your art piece purchased through Art Angels online store unless otherwise stated in correspondence with a team member. If framing is requested or purchased, allow an additional 7 days. Most orders are fulfilled within 30 days.

6. Goods are by default supplied without framing unless noted in the description as included. Framing costs are the responsibility of the buyer. 

7. Every care is taken to ensure that goods are not damaged during shipping. All expenses relating to packing and shipping are the responsibility of the buyer. All shipping quotes cover custom fine art packaging and up to $1,000 USD per shipment. If you would like to add additional insurance for an additional cost, please contact us info@artangels.net.

8. In the event of goods arriving with condition issues (e.g. broken bulb for neon light art) due to shipping, the replacement policy is as follows: The goods will be replaced at no cost to the buyer when the goods can be repaired to “as new” condition where the value of the art will be unaffected (e.g. replacement of lightbulb on neon) and will be attempted first. In the event that goods purchased can be neither repaired to "as new" condition nor replaced, a credit will be issued. Goods cannot be returned for credit unless repair or replacement is not possible. 

9. Title of ownership does not pass to the buyer until payment is received in full.

10. Certificate of Authenticities, aka "COA", are not provided for goods that are hand-signed by the artist. For goods unsigned (e.g. full bleed photography), a COA will be provided to buyer.

11. Buyer is responsible for any and all international import duties, taxes, and related custom fees.

12. Gift cards non-refundable and do not carry an expiration date.