Art Angels is a premium luxury brand and gallery owned and operated by Jacquelin Napal and Kat Emery. With its flagship gallery in the heart of the Beverly Hills Design District amongst leading furniture ateliers, Art Angels has become the go-to gallery for the chic and elite.

The Angels firmly believe that every acquisition should be a marriage of aesthetic appreciation and wise investment. We make it our business to offer our collectors the perfect marriage of an enriching and sophisticated appreciation of contemporary art and the financial satisfaction of investment performance.

Along with their innovative suite of artists, Art Angels encourage thinking outside the norm and making sure every move is made with intention and creativity. The gallery was quick to build a cult following – so much so that they have recently expanded their flagship gallery in Los Angeles, now boasting 4500 square feet of exhibition space.

With an emphasis on empowering women in the arts, Art Angels showcases a truly eclectic mix of talented, innovative creators, both established and emerging, whose paths are supported and nurtured no matter their medium.

Beyond mere art curators, the Angels are design experts. Art Angels Design Group, specializing in assisting design firms and their esteemed clientele, is currently in the midst of curating nine multi-million dollar homes alongside a trusted developer. Adjacent to the gallery’s love for art is its attention to the feng shui and flow of the beautiful spaces its art graces, and we welcome designers of all echelons to consult with us on outstanding projects.

Art Angels maintains key partnerships with the prominent Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Miami and an outstanding gallery in their Aspen and Dallas spaces. The Angels have been featured on shows such as Selling SunsetUnorthodox Life and Million Dollar Listing.

Looking toward the future, Art Angels is at the forefront of embracing cutting-edge technology, actively exploring the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in collaboration with its talented array of artists. Notable artists like Flore, Nick Veasey and Michael Callas have already achieved sold-out drops, solidifying Art Angels’ position as a cultural force and tastemaker in the metaverse.

Now one of the leading galleries in Los Angeles and a major player in the art and creativity sphere, it is impossible to ignore this hugely successful business. The gallery has a core team of art specialists dedicated to providing collectors, designers, developers and corporations with the tools needed to offer innovative and creative art from around the world.

With a multitude of exhibitions from cutting-edge artists like David Yarrow, Russell Young, Flore, Nick Veasey, Mike Dargas and more, Art Angels are not afraid to break tradition and take risks. 

Reflecting on the past few years, owner Kat Emery notes: “As an independent brand with two locations serving thousands of clients across the world, our passion has never dwindled, and we are always so inspired when we meet new talent and cannot wait to share innovative, new artists with our clients.”

The future certainly looks bright for this female powerhouse, and the Art Angels themselves might just be their own best advertisement. Creating from the heart and trusting their own intuition, the girls have proven their strength in a male-dominated world and have exhibited immense passion for art and empowering women in business, breaking down all the barriers set before them.

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