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While most writers pen words to paper, this ink slinger pastes words to walls. Known for his encouraging edicts and love notes, like: “Do something everyday to remind this city why the hell you’re here,” and “The only lie I’ve ever told you is I liked you when I already knew I loved you,” LA-based street artist WRDSMTH is a modern day, spray can-wielding Robert Frost.

What began as a mind-clearing ‘craft project’ has turned into an international phenomenon. WRDSMTH’s signature artwork—a poignant message flowing from a vintage typewriter or typewriter-fonted message—can be spotted in London, Paris, New Orleans and more. Luckily, LA is still home to a majority of WRDSMTH’s creations—mostly on electrical boxes in Hollywood and DTLA.

“The boxes provide a blank canvas with high visibility on many street corners. Traffic in LA is insane, so it’s fun to think that my work might put a smile onto the faces of those stuck in traffic,” says the writer-turned-artist.

- Huffington Post
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