Modularity Series by Stephen Wilson

Modularity Series by Stephen Wilson


      "My new series, Modularity, was created on the notion of juxtaposing different series and styles of work to display a new form altogether.

      It wasn’t until a certain moment within my studio that I realized the differences in presentation and visual narrative, catching my various series hanging alongside one another. I saw the combined power of different narratives. This is when I decided to develop a way to display different series together in new format, hence the term Modularity.

      The work hangs beautifully together in sleek acrylic shadow boxes, with
      color unifying the work as much as technique does. When hung in multiples a unique visual narrative is achieved. I decided to use a select few uniform sizes so that multiples can be hung together interchangeably and in unity - placing sneaker boxes next to oil paint and designer packaging next to quilted twill.

      Modularity is not only a term used for my most recent collection of works, but my career as an artist in whole." - Stephen Wilson