"Trust The Process (Mini PDA Road Sign)" by Olivia Steele

"Trust The Process (Mini PDA Road Sign)" by Olivia Steele

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"Trust The Process (Mini PDA Road Sign)" by Olivia Steele
12 x 18 inches
Fluorescent diamond grade reflective aluminum sign
Edition of 25
Artist plaque included on reverse

When thinking about the principle purpose of a sign, one would perhaps recount the obvious:
Signs guide us to where we want to go. Signs tell us what we need to know. Signs denote direction and purpose. Signs promote that which desires attention. Signs warn us and alert us. Signs are signals. Receive and integrate.

These conceptual signs foster the ethos of global consciousness with words of wisdom, connected statements, and enlightening mantras that promote positive thought and inspire an inner dialogue. The unassuming “passer-by” will be caught off guard with the proposition of an unexpected moment of reflection.

This work is a part of the artist's P.D.A. (Public Display of Awareness) collection where proceeds will go towards funding more public installations of the collection around the world. Large scale P.D.A works can currently be found in Tulum, Miami, Ibiza, Los Angeles, Black Rock City, and more.

The beauty of these installations is that it is for everyone: public art in its purist form. Powerful statements using simple language- relevant to all humans- are placed on bright signs for all to heed. It is the intent that everyone on their unique journeys will have an opportunity to be touched by an unexpected message, with no coincidence. An initiative of this nature not only cultivates inner awareness but also promotes local awareness and appreciation of art in different forms.