'It All Comes From Here (Gold)" by Elizabeth Waggett
'It All Comes From Here (Gold)" by Elizabeth Waggett

'It All Comes From Here (Gold)" by Elizabeth Waggett

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'It All Comes From Here (Gold)" by Elizabeth Waggett
20 x 20 inches
Mixed media on cotton: hand painted 23k gold mono print
Signed by artist



The intricate and majestic bee (bombus) is juxtaposed against a multifaceted gold background, highlighting its importance as both a living entity and as a provider upon which balances the existence of life. This humble creature works tirelessly to provide for the circle of life. In this series — where circles are dominant — the perfection of the circle places a divine status upon the bee. In doing so, Waggett poses the question: are we we idolising the wrong things?
Blending themes of decadence and nature, she imposes the creature onto an intricately adorned
pattern of gold, mirroring that of what was etched into her mind as a child. Seeking to portray
the bees in a regal setting, questions human priorities and worldly values. For the artist, the
appeal of the bee is driven by the deep-rooted pride in the symbol of Manchester, where she
was born and bought up. Despite residing in New York and having lived and traveled all over the
world, her heart and soul remain Mancunian. This series is a dedication to her city, and the deep
understanding that this really is the place.
“This series has been in my sketchbook for years, feeling pressure to capture the spirit of Manchester perfectly I’ve been waiting. I wanted to create what Manchester means to me, not just because I’m from there but what it means to be from there and understand it, everyone who goes is captured by it. I wanted to capture its true character, its strength its soul and its sense of humour and yes its beauty. I also wanted to capture some of the grandeur of Manchester in these pieces, most dismiss Manchester as a largely industrial city, however great industry bought great riches and this is to been seen everywhere in the city. It’s an assault on your senses from the intricate facades of the victorian buildings, the to gilded ceilings of the old bank halls, universities museums and restaurants. Those are etched into my mind from an early age. The gold in these pieces shines, like the city. “