"It's A Worry For Some" by Elizabeth Waggett

"It's A Worry For Some" by Elizabeth Waggett

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"It's A Worry For Some" by Elizabeth Waggett
30 x 30 inches
Hand embellished archival pigment ink on cotton paper, with hand applied 22 karat gold, ink and graphite
Uniquely Hand Embellished from a series of 30
Signed by artist


'It’s a worry for some', is a humorous approach to the jurassic jaws of the great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias). Through the use of the 22k gold juxtaposed against the black and white charcoal drawing the viewer is invited to question the prioritisation man places on these creatures.This new edition questions, who should be more afraid of the other?

Villainised by media, causing hysteria and mass hunting of these majestic and naturally peaceful creatures, the great white has been in fast decline due over fishing and illegal poaching.The white shark is a protected species in many areas of the world and do to conservancy efforts it is believed that numbers are slowly increasing on the East and

West coast of the US.

In support of Atlantic White Shark Conservancy a portion of the profits will be donated to supporting their tireless research and protection of these beautiful fish